Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any specific driver requirements? Yes. All drivers must be aged between 25-70, with no more than 6 penalty points and no previous drink driving convictions.
I want to hire a car for myself and my family, are all of your cars fitted with seatbelts? Yes, however if you have small children we request that you bring your own child seats.
Do I need to arrange my own insurance cover? No, all of our hire rates are inclusive of fully comprehensive insurance for one driver, there is a small charge for each additional driver.
How long is a day's hire? A single day's hire is for 12 hours from 9am, 24 hours is added for each extra day's hire.
Do you offer special rates for longer periods of hire? Please see our price list for details.
Do you have a mileage limit within the hire? No, all cars have unlimited mileage.
Can I take a car out of the UK? Under certain circumstances with prior arrangement. Please ensure you make us aware of your intentions to go abroad at time of booking.
Will you show me how to drive the car? Yes, we will ensure you are fully proficient with the workings of the car. All cars also come with a handbook for your reference.
What do I need to do about fuel? All cars leave us fully fuelled, we ask that you return them to us with a full tank of fuel. Some of our cars still run on leaded petrol so we use an additive added to unleaded petrol, you will be provided with plenty of additive when you take the car and shown how to use it.
How much deposit do you need? We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the balance paid in full 14 days prior to hire.
Can I make a provisional booking? Not without paying a deposit, we will hold a booking for a maximum of 5 working days whilst we wait for a completed booking form. If you wish to pay the deposit with a cheque, we will keep your booking for you until the funds have cleared.
Can I postpone a booking if the weather is forecast to be bad? Only under extreme conditions such snow, unfortunately we cannot postpone a booking due to rain or cold. Under certain circumstances we may be able to swap the car you are hiring from a convertible to a hard top within the same hire band.
What is the security deposit for? The security deposit is cover any minor damage to the car, speeding or parking fines and to cover our insurance excess in the event an insurance claim needs to be made.
Do I have to pay the security deposit in cash upfront? No, we will take an open credit card voucher, this will be held for one month after the hire for us to ensure there are no fines or charges that need to be covered, at which time all credit card details will be destroyed.
How far in advance do I need to book? As far in advance as possible. Hire is possible at short notice subject to availability, however a short notice booking must be confirmed before 1pm on the last working day (Mon-Fri) prior to the day of hire.
What happens if the car breaks down? All of our cars are covered with Roadside Recovery. All efforts will be made to fix any problems at the roadside, to aid this all of out cars have a stock of common spares in the boot. If the problem cannot be fixed, the car will be recovered to us. If the car breaks down locally we will attempt to fix the car or swap it for an equivalent within the same hire banding.
Do you provide gift vouchers if I want to hire a car as a present for someone? Yes we do, these are issued personalised and are either car specific or for any car up to a certain value. If a specific car is not selected at the time of booking, the choices at the time of hire will be subject to availability.
What sort of picnics can you provide? This is dependent on your choices and the time of year, we recommend that you contact us to discuss your preferences.
I am buying this as a present and would like to keep it a surprise, does your communication identify who you are? We send all communication out in plain envelopes, or if you would prefer, we can send gift certificates electronically to any email address of your choice.
Can you suggest places to go? Within each of the car handbooks are maps of the area detailing any local places of interest that we recommend.
Will you deliver the car to me? We will deliver the cars free of charge within 5 miles and nationally subject to an additional charge, availability and prior arrangement.
Are your cars available for hire as a wedding car? Yes, but we do request that the only decoration used on the cars is ribbons and flowers, no tin cans or spray string etc.
Can you supply a driver with the car? Yes subject to availability and an additional hourly charge.
Are all of your cars listed on the website? We try to keep the website as up to date as possible, however we are always updating our colection, so please ask.
Can I use the car for a classic car run/rally? Subject to prior arrangement this may be possible, however if the event has any kind of competitive element we cannot allow our cars to be used.
Can I leave my everyday car with you when I collect the hire car? Yes we have plenty of secure space for you to leave your car with us.
Can you reccomend any hotels? There are a number of excellent hotels within 2 miles of us that we would be happy to give you the details of.
What driving license do i have to have? We accept full UK, EU and US driving licenses.