1968 Morris Minor Traveller 1000

Morris Minor Classic Car Hire The ubiquitous Morris Minor Traveller: as traditional and quaint as a thatched cottage. Everybody knows somebody that owned one, antique dealers, Vicars, a favourite aunt. These ‘half timbered’ estate cars were extremely popular, at one time they were the mainstay of the British Motor Corporation.

Our cherished Minor is fondly known as ‘Ruby’ is finished in deep ruby red with matching red vinyl interior. She may not be a speed machine having the standard 1.0 litre engine, but is definitely a steady old plodder. Still very much able to travel at the legal speed limit, we believe this is one of the most perfect ways to tour those beautiful villages of Leicestershire & Warwickshire. An ideal car for you and your family.

Some History of the Morris Minor 1000
In 1956 the Morris Minor engine was increased in capacity to 0.9 L . The two-piece split windscreen was replaced with a curved one-piece one and the rear window enlarged. In 1961 the semaphore-style trafficators were replaced by the more modern flashing direction indicators then becoming the norm for the UK market.

In 1961 the Morris Minor became the first British car to sell over 1,000,000 units. To commemorate this event, a limited edition of 350 two-door saloons were produced with distinctive lilac paintwork and a white interior. Also the badge name on the side of the bonnet was modified to read "Minor 1,000,000" instead of the standard "Minor 1000". The Minor 1000 gained an even larger engine, 1.1 L in 1962, It could now reach 77 mph. Other modifications included a new dashboard layout (a lidded glove box on the passenger side, an open cubby hole in front of the driver), a different heater, plus new, larger tail/flasher and front side/flasher lamps.

Van versions were popular with the British Post Office, and some of these had front wings made of rubber, in order to cope with the sometimes unforgiving busy situations in which they were expected to work. During the life of the 1000 model, the car began to seem dated, and production declined. The last Convertible/Tourer was completed on 18 August 1969 and the saloon line was dropped the next year, 1971 was the last year for the Traveller and commercial versions. Nearly 850,000 Minor 1000s were made in all.

Original Morris Minor 1000 Specification:

Engine 4-cyl, in line
Bore x Stroke 64.60mm x 83.72mm (2.54in x 3.3in)
Capacity 1098 cc
Valves 8 overhead
Compression Ratio 8.50:1
Maximum Power 48.7PS (48.0bhp) (35.8kW) @ 5100rpm
Maximum Torque 81.0Nm (60ft·lb) (8.3kgm) @ 2500rpm
Transmission 4 speed manual
Brakes Drum front and rear
Wheels / Tyres 5.00 x 14 front and rear
Length 149in (3785mm)
Wheelbase 86in (2184mm)
Width 61in (1549mm)
Height 60.5in (1537mm)
Front Track 50.6in (1286mm)
Rear Track 50.3in (1278mm)
Classic Car Hire : Morris Minor Traveller 1000

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